Welcome to McMullen’s Musings!

My philosophies when writing this blog:

-Any athlete who goes on ESPN (or any sports network) to basically whine about something that we could possibly care less about (such as a trade or more money) should take the thumb out of their mouth and quit acting like the world revolves around them.

-Any stupid decision that is made in sports (such as  Bud Selig’s decision to declare the 2002 All-Star game a tie) should be analyzed, and then, if it is deemed to be stupid enough, we will point and laugh at them (through writing, of course).

-The little man needs to win once in a while too. So when a team nobody has heard of beats the best team in the land, they deserve a little bit of applause.

There are other things that drive my blogs, but those are the three main things. So, I hope this blog brings a humorous,insightful, and informative look into sports for you.

  1. Max Tcheyan says:

    Would love to have your articles posting at bleacherreport.com. With our blog import tool your articles would auto-import to your b/r profile and link back to your blog giving your work exposure to our established online community.

    I have no doubt that your sports coverage would get a ton of reads with us. Please email me mtcheyan@bleacherreport.com so I can tell you more about our site and get you set up.


  2. Dana says:

    Hi Josh,

    I found your website through a Google alert about people who are passionate, (your bio on Bleacher Report). I would love to publish an article on your passion for sports. You’ll get a bio. with link to your site. I hope you will participate. You may also add your passion comment on our home page.


    Dana Hall
    Passionate for Life

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